copywriter & content strategist

My aim as a copywriter and content strategist is to educate, inspire, and delight. And yes, I use serial commas.

Want to know more? Well...

I'm not afraid to rhyme so long as it serves to save my audience time. That said, I don't like to rely on crutches, which rhymes certainly can be. As can puns and jargon and alliteration and, for that matter, polysyndetons. 

I spend hours reading sites like, annotating books like Content Inc., and gleaning knowledge from my peers. Still, I spend even more hours than that trying to create work that measures up to the brands I admire.

Really, I'm just a writer that understands how people like to read. Sure, I get help from Hemingway Editor. Sometimes I even lean on the thesaurus. But I always trust my gut (and like to prove it with data).

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