mobile ux copy for Gethr by Verizon



Experience has taught me that onboarding is more than a few slider tutorial screens. So I worked extensively with product managers, designers, and developers to create learning moments across user flows. Our ultimate goal was to help users become better users (and to pass on Verizon's exceptional brand story and voice). Rather than bog the user down with pre-registration tutorials, we opted for:

  • Empty state helper copy
  • Tool tips
  • Strategically-placed toasts

PERmission priming

With a complimentary connected device and in-app location-sharing functionality, Gethr offered a variety of options to help users embrace the Internet of Things. As a result of these location-based offerings, permission priming was always top of mind for the Gethr product team. From form field microcopy to user-friendly modal dialogues, we wanted every permission request to feel like a benefit rather than a burden.


desktop and mobile ux copy for Havenly

frictionless flows

Designing your dream home is inherently delightful. So the new desktop and mobile product for Havenly's online interior design service required top-notch design and user flows that improve rather than impede the design process. 

on brand & onboard

Even the best product content can't live in a vacuum. Stellar user experiences are rooted in a brand's story, voice, and history. Throughout my efforts as a writer at Havenly, I sought to unite voice, tone, and visual style guides with our emerging products to create engaging experiences that reflected the brand's charming spirit.